ma po tofu

    • 4.24.17

      My Szechuan Restaurant Is So Spicy That a Customer Called The Cops on Me

      Everyone handles spice differently. I invented a heat index scale for my restaurant, Han Dynasty, so that people don't send dishes back to the kitchen, one of the biggest cultural insults in China.

    • 12.30.15

      The Weirdest Food Crimes of 2015

      A multimillion-dollar "magic cheese" scam, father-son chicken-wing-embezzling, and ma po tofu so spicy a lady called the cops all made the list in 2015.

    • 5.31.14

      Huang's World: Chengdu, Part 1

      In the season finale of Huang's World, Eddie—The Human Panda— discovers that pandas watch panda porn, hangs with hip hop pioneer DJ SuperBestFriend, and eats pig brain ma po tofu.