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Nef the Pharaoh Is Taking Off: Listen to His New Mixtape with Cardo, 'Neffy Got Wings'

The Vallejo rapper talks about his hit song "Big Tymin'" and the unexpected success of a partnership with Cardo leading to a whole new mixtape.


Scalped Aren't Really Spin Kick Metal, but They Might Have You Doing Karate Moves

Late 80's NYHC meets Anti-Cimex, ya heard?


We Talked to the Nine Year Old Hip-Hop Illustrator Wunderkind Yung Lenox

This kid started sketching off-kilter images of Biggie, E-40, Cam'ron and others for Instagram and now there's a doc all about his art, we talked to the directors and Yung Lenox.


On the Roof Vol. 2: Mob Forever

Stream Volume Two of On the Roof, dedicated to The Jacka, which features songs from Bobby Brackins, Iamsu!, and The Jacka himself.