Author & Punisher Creates Metal in His Own Twisted Image

The West Coast engineer's metal machine music continues to develop—and darken—on his latest album, 'Beastland.'
Ari Rosenschein
All Fronts

How Russia Says It Swatted Down a Drone Swarm in Syria

"As both Islamic State and Amazon have shown, small drones are an efficient way of carrying a payload to a target."
David Axe
All Fronts

Why Is the Air Force Using Stealth Fighters to Blow Up Crude Drug Labs?

"The reality is we are fighting two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the F-22 has not performed a single mission in either theater."
David Axe

Watch a Robot Eulogize Its ‘Brother’ at Moscow’s New Cemetery for Dead Machines

The project brings abiotic graveyards to life after many science fiction depictions of the concept.
Becky Ferreira
Quiet Wars

China Is Testing Silent ‘Magnetic Drive’ Submarines to Evade the US Navy

The less noise a sub makes, the harder it is to detect on sonar.
David Axe
"What Do You Do For a Living?"

A Former Clickhole Writer Made a ‘Content Bot’ That Will Probably Become My Boss

It’s already won a comedy competition and is currently applying to be Poet Laureate for the city of Redmond, Washington.
Claire Downs

Silicon Valley’s Radical Machine Cult

From afterlife to machine transcendence, Digitalism offers a new promise of paradise.
Wolfram Klinger
All Fronts

The Army's New Tank Fires 'Smart' Cannon Rounds

An unwieldy designation obscures the new fighting vehicle's technological advancements.
David Axe
Replicant Feels

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is More Human Than ‘Blade Runner’

A spoiler-filled review.
Matthew Gault
Mach 5

Beware Indestructible 'Hypersonic Missiles'

The US, Russia, and China are all separately developing these speedy munitions, which can fly faster than 3,000 miles per hour.
David Axe
Heavy Machinery

Out for a Rip in a DIY Monster Truck Made of Spare Tractor Parts

“I’ve got some looks from cops but they just kind of nod at me.”
Jason Koebler
time is a flat gadget

My Dad, Keeper of Retro Tech

"I am a junk collector."
Alex Suskind