Soar Over Sparkling Alien Landscapes in This Fluid Macro Footage

Dark and sparkling paints move like phosphorescent magma in filmmaker Roman De Giuli’s latest 4K macro short.


[Premiere] Two Coral Reefs Form the Basis for Smooth Underwater Electronic Music

The sounds and movements of two coral reefs get digitized in the song and music video for Hydrah’s track, "Siren."


These Ethereal Photographs Were Taken in Total Darkness

Rafaël Herman’s strange photos of the Judean Mountains and the Mediterranean were taken at night without the aid of a flash or digital manipulation.


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Under a Microscope, Heavy Metals Look Like Crystal Kingdoms

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Mysterious Space Recordings Soundtrack a Gorgeous Macro Video

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When Light Collides with Lens Imperfections, Luminescent Magic Happens

Artist Shane Griffin explores the physics of light and optical effects in colorful macro photographs.


Psychedelic Neon Fluids Float in a Stunning 4K Video

Shooting macro footage of neon fluids yields gorgeous sequences, as Russian motion graphics artist Ruslan Khasanov here illustrates.


Enter a Fluid Cosmos of Synesthesia & Dub Techno

Enlighten your afternoon with an hour of swirling footage by PUPIL Visuals set to Dave Marian's subterranean techno.


Magnetic Fluids and Paint Combine to Form Psychedelic Visuals

See the surreal, macro beauty of fluids reacting to magnetic fields in filmmaker Karl Fenton's 'Fluorescent.'


Macro Footage of Liquid Morphs in Susi Sie's New Music Video

An abstract fluid cosmos emerges in Susi Sie's new video for "Sleepless," by Pan-Pot featuring L.O.U.


Artist Carves Tiny Pop Art Masterpieces on the Tips of Pencils

Salavat Fidai's intricate graphite sculptures aren't made for writing.