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We Discuss This Weekend's Tragic Shooting at a Madden NFL Tournament

On Waypoint Radio 182, we talk about the shooting in Jacksonville and gun violence and games.
Danielle Riendeau
Madden NFL

'Madden NFL 19' Bleeps Colin Kaepernick's Name From In-Game Soundtrack

Electronic Arts has yet to issue a comment about the odd censoring of a player who's currently suing the NFL.
Patrick Klepek
Team JuJu

JuJu Smith-Schuster Kept Looking Back on TD Run Because of Bad Madden Rating

Smith-Schuster scored a 97-yard touchdown for the Steelers last night against the Lions, and continued to endear himself to fans.
Sean Newell
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The 'Madden NFL 18' Story Mode Is Better Than It Has Any Right To Be

Devin Wade's football journey is worth experiencing, regardless of what you think of football.
Patrick Klepek
super bowl

Michael Bishop Is Rooting for Tom Brady, Who Beat Him for the Patriots Starting QB Job

In 2000, dual-threat quarterback Michael Bishop—and not relative unknown Tom Brady—was seen as a better prospect for the New England Patriots. Now Bishop plans to be in the stands for Super Bowl LI, cheering on his former teammate.
Tim Casey
short circuit

Why Play 'Madden NFL' When You Can Watch Talk About It?

Not even the NFL can resist the allure of e-sports.
Nicholas Deleon
VICE vs Video games

The Madden Games Are Now as Much RPGs as They Are Sports Sims

"Madden NFL '16" is pushing experience points to the forefront of the game, allowing players to get deeper into the fantasy of running their favorite teams.
Jason Nawara

The Sega Dreamcast Was Weird, Fun, and Gone Too Soon

History is written by the winners, and in the post-Dreamcast world, gaming has taken a turn toward the epic, militaristic, and cinematic approach. But to me, Sega's failed console will always be the best thing that ever happened to video games.
Grant Pardee