The Terrible Tattoos Drunk British Tourists Get in Magaluf

We had a walk down the strip and asked people why they got the tattoos they got.
Patricio Conde

Pissed-Off Barcelona Residents Are Fighting Back Against Drunk, Naked Tourists

Locals feel the recent influx of tourists is starting to change the city, with naked Italians and drunk men dressed as bananas passed out in the streets becoming ordinary sights.
Sam Edwards

​Meet the British Man Behind Last Summer's Magaluf Blowjob Contest

Magaluf club owner Paul Smith explains how a series of blowjobs resulted in the arrest of the local police chief on corruption charges.
Carwyn Jones

What I Learned from Growing Up in Magaluf

I spent my youth in the Spanish resort on Majorca island, surrounded by horny, pissed-up Brits on vacation. They were animals.
Tomeu Canyelles

A Guide To Clubbing In Magaluf, 1999

When you're 18, even the island cesspit of Southern Europe is a paradise. Because in the end, happiness is relative, and the only heaven is that of youth.
John Calvert

British Airport Pubs Are Most Alive Before Dawn

British airport pubs exist in a strange, liminal bubble. They don't operate within real time. But when you have to cater for those who want to get shit-faced on cheap Pinot before their 6AM flight to Costa Del Sol, there's no other option.
Issy Sampson

A Buzz-Killing Pill Won't Stop Young People from Binge Drinking

Nalmefene is being reported as some sort of wonder drug for alcohol abuse and a way of combatting binge drinking. But are young people ready to kill their buzz?
Josh Barrie

Magaluf Is a Paradise

Once upon a time, Majorca was just an island. And then people came along and provided human traffic for thousands of nightclubs and bars. And in those nightclubs and bars, they danced and binge drank. That spilled over onto the beaches, and people...
Javier Izquierdo
VICE Is Ten: Best of VICE

We Went to a Foam Party in Magaluf

Last week, some PR company offered to fly me to Magaluf to write about some club. I have no idea why they asked me, or why they wanted their club in VICE, but I can't afford to go away this summer. So heeere we go!
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete