magic mushrooms


The Dramatic Story of How Denver Decriminalized Mushrooms

With a little help from Joe Rogan and the youth vote, the almost unthinkable happened—and set the stage for reform nationwide.
Alex Norcia

When Psychedelics Make Your Last Months Alive Worth Living

“I am at peace with what’s next. The more I prepare to say goodbye, the more at peace I become with that reality."
Donovan Farley
This Week in Science

Having Frequent, Terrifying Dreams Could Mean You Have Nightmare Disorder

This week in science: A lot of people don't feel much when they take CBD, the effects of microdosing, and what goes on in the brains of people with nightmare disorder.
Shayla Love

Taking Ketamine Can Feel a Lot Like a Near-Death Experience

"It can generate a sense of detachment from the body and the self and, at higher doses, a full-blown dissociative experience."
Shayla Love

'Kitty Flipping' and the Psychonaut Obsession with Mixing Drugs

Combining drugs is never a good idea, but that doesn't stop a lot of people from doing it.
James Nolan
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's December Issue

Our magic mushroom cover star was inspired by LSD tab art and printed on custom blotter paper. Here's how it came together.
VICE Staff
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

The Psychedelic Resistance

We live our lives increasingly locked into screen time, distanced from nature and each other by modern capitalism and divisive politics. It’s no surprise that illegal use of psychedelics is on the rise.
Mike Power

Researchers Want Doctors to Be Able to Prescribe Magic Mushrooms for Depression

A new study out of Johns Hopkins University seeks to reclassify psilocybin mushrooms since they have low potential for abuse and few risks of dependence.
Matthew Gault

These States Are Leading the Fight to Legalize Shrooms

Psilocybin is a much more complex drug than cannabis and it shouldn’t be treated the same way when it comes to decriminalization.
Joe Smith-Engelhardt

People Told Us the Wildest Things They've Seen While Tripping

"I was floating in the sea… a sea made out of dogs, dogs eating dolphins, dolphins eating dogs eating dolphins eating dogs."
Nilu Zia

Cops Show Up at Forager's Door After Mistaking Morels in Facebook Post for Shrooms

Some might consider morel mushrooms kind of magical, but they're not the kind of magic that makes you trip balls.
Danielle Wayda

Shrooms Give You the Weirdest Sleep

"I felt as if luminescent creatures from the depths of the ocean were swimming along my eyeballs."
Suzannah Weiss