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'Arena' May Be The Future Of 'Magic' But It Runs From Its History

'Arena' has made 'Magic' as easy to enjoy as 'Hearthstone' but a streamlined format comes at a price.
Cameron Kunzelman
Game of the Year 2018

Our Favorite Games of 2018: Cameron Kunzelman's Top Ten

There are two types of games on this list: Sprawling epics set in a massive world, and games focused on doing exactly one thing incredibly well.
Cameron Kunzelman

'Artifact' Isn't a Game on Steam, It's Steam in a Game

Imagine if we monetized the rot.
Will Partin
Big Deck Energy

The Black Lotus Documentary Explores What Makes Us Spend Small Fortunes on Pieces of Cardboard

This short documentary tells the fascinating history of the most valuable 'Magic: The Gathering' card ever printed.
Matthew Gault

Talking Sci-Fi, Math, and Chaos with the Creator of 'Magic: The Gathering'

25 years after its creation, Richard Garfield provides insight into how his love of breaking the rules helped him make the world's biggest collectible card game.
Cameron Kunzelman
Important Questions

Why Doesn’t This Magic: The Gathering Snake Have Boobs?

This could be a sign of a more progressive direction for the 24-year-old card game.
Kip Shanks
Black Lotus

How to Spot a Fake $1,000 Magic: The Gathering Card

Inside the card game’s seedy underbelly of counterfeits, repacks, and proxies.
Matthew Gault
magic: the gathering

This New Spinoff Re-Imagines 'Magic: The Gathering' as a Board Game

'Explorers of Ixalan' lets you and up to three friends battle across a dinosaur-and-pirate infested island.
Cameron Kunzelman
magic: the gathering

These Surreal 'Magic: The Gathering' Cards Were Made by a Robot

“The text was generated via neural net, so it seemed fitting for the art to be as well.”
Cameron Kunzelman
Final Fantasy

The ‘Final Fantasy Trading Card Game’ Unpicks a Very Particular Secret of Mana

Rather than establish itself as a unique experience, ‘FFTCG’ seems to want to fix the problems of ‘Magic: The Gathering’.
Owen Duffy

Classic Card Game 'Legend of the Five Rings' Is Resurrected

The game of intrigue, honor, and might will continue with Fantasy Flight. But will it recapture the magic?
Arthur Martinez-Tebbel
unrepentant nerdery

Seahawks DE Needs Help Getting Back His Stolen Magic: The Gathering Cards

Seattle DE Cassius Marsh estimates the cards are worth upwards of $25,000.
Mike Vorkunov