Magnetic Field


Scientists Solve the Mystery of Why the Northern and Southern Lights Don't Match

A leading explanation for the different patterns seen in Earth’s northern and southern auroras has been ruled out.


Earth's Magnetic Field Almost Collapsed 565 Million Years Ago

Our planet's core probably started solidifying in the late Ediacaran period, which recharged the magnetic field in the nick of time.


Scientists Can’t Fix Map of Earth’s Magnetic Field Thanks to the Government Shutdown

The federal government was set to update the World Magnetic Model but had to delay it because of the shutdown.


Scientists Think an Exploding Star Helped Kill Off the Megalodon

An Astrobiology study proposes that an ancient supernova could have exposed Megalodon and other large ocean animals to deadly muon radiation.


Humanity’s Next Mission to Mercury Will Test Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

BepiColombo is scheduled to launch from French Guiana at 9:45 PM ET on October 19.


This Kaleidoscopic Visualization Maps Earth’s Mysterious Magnetic Anomalies

Our planet is sculpted by hidden magnetic flourishes.


The Nine Space Gadgets NASA’s Juno Orbiter Is Using to Study Jupiter

Magnetometers, cameras, and spectrographs, oh my!


ESA’s Swarm Mission Is Mapping How the Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Changing

Data reveals it’s changing quicker than we thought.


Artist Captures an Ocean Storm in a Fishbowl

Who needs to hold the world in the palm of your hand, when you can put the ocean in your living room?


89-Year Old Magnetic Art Pioneer Debuts in U.S.

Fabled Greek artist Panagiotis "Takis" Vassilakis opens his first-ever U.S. museum survey at Houston's Menil Collection.


The Last Dispatch of a Doomed Spacecraft

The MESSENGER orbiter discovered the age of Mercury’s magnetic field as it spiraled to its death.