magnetic fields


Scientists Think They've Uncovered How the Strongest Magnets in the Universe Form

Magnetars may be the exploded remains of star mergers.


The Moon Has Tan Lines, NASA Says

Magnetic hotspots on the Moon might contain clues about how to protect humans from radiation on other planets.


Here's How You Make High Fashion Inspired by Magnetic Fields

Fashion design has never looked so magnetic.


Space Weather Watch: Keep an Eye Out for Aurora

Nothing to worry about—except for a cool light show if you live up North.


See Jupiter’s Northern Lights at the Height of a Solar Storm

Exploring the relationship between planets’ magnetospheres and solar winds could ultimately help identify habitable exoplanets.


Astronomers Think They Know Why This Black Hole Is Flashing Red Light

Could this be signs of V404 Cygni choking as it feeds?


Magnetic Fields Festival Brought Ratatat, Objekt, Shigeto And Yoga to a Remote Indian Palace

A rural desert escape in Rajasthan's wild west with many of today's finest underground DJs.


Get to Know Forever South and Consolidate, Two Vital Music Labels from India and Pakistan

The two labels will go head-to-head at India's Magnetic Fields festival this weekend.


Magnetic Fields Is Bringing Ratatat, Hunee, Palms Trax, and More to a 17th-Century Palace in India

THUMP will be throwing a secret party chock full of homegrown talent from Pakistan and India.


Depression-Fighting Magnetic Fields Made My Brain Feel Better

I’m still on meds but the feared apparition, the depressive state, has not come to visit for weeks.


The Brain-Wiping Science of Pigeon Training

When TC Ptomey acquires a group of pigeons, he almost always keeps them in the basement in the pitch black for several weeks before bringing them up to the roof.