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Watch the Trailer for the Palme d'Or-Winning 'The Square'

Ruben Östlund's searing indictment of the art world, starring Claes Bang and Elisabeth Moss, comes to theaters October 27.
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VICE New Zealand

VICE Talks ‘Tickled’ with Documentary Filmmaker David Farrier

We spoke to New Zealand TV journalist David Farrier, co-director of an investigative documentary into the bizarre, litigious world of "competitive endurance tickling."
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'Tangerine' Was Shot on an iPhone, But Director Sean Baker Still Pines for Celluloid

We spoke to Sean Baker, the director behind this year's breakout Sundance film, about depicting the world of two trans women of color as a white, male director.
Rod Bastanmehr

‘Tangerine’ Director Sean Baker Talks Infidelity, iPhones, and LA

We got the inside scoop on the iPhone-shot Sundance breakout, which follows a pair of transgender Hollywood sex workers.
Charlie Schmidlin

Talking to 'The Wolfpack' Brothers About DIY Designer Props

Read about the Angulo brothers' secrets for creating your own cinematic world at home.
Marina Garcia-Vasquez
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The Wolfpack - The Making of 'Mirror Heart'

VICE engaged the Wolfpack to make their first original short film on a soundstage, "Mirror Heart"—this is the making of that film.
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How 200 Dogs Were Trained to Act in 'WHITE GOD'

Talking to Teresa Ann Miller, the main animal trainer behind Kornél Mundruczó's award-winning film, 'WHITE GOD.'
Katherine Tarpinian

Norway's North Sea Divers Lost Their Minds over Oil

The country's wealth was built on a series of health and safety violations that took a toll on the divers' mental health.
Oscar Rickett

[Video] Damsels, Doppelgängers & Dostoyevsky: The Devious Devices Behind "The Double"

We go behind the scenes of the new Richard Ayoade film, "The Double," starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska.
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