See the Beauty and Brutality of Life in Afghanistan

We spoke to Steve McCurry about his new book, 'Afghanistan.'
Bruno Bayley

Magnum Photographers On Their Most Empathetic Image

From Bruce Davidson's picture of Coney Island's fireworks to David Alan Harvey's French teenagers smoking and kissing, each tells a story about a moment of connection.
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2016

Gorgeous Photos from a Forgotten Side of California

Though it has suffered a run of bad luck, declaring bankruptcy in 2008, Vallejo is eclectic and diverse. Carolyn Drake's photos capture a city reminiscent of an older California, one before the tech boom.
Carolyn Drake/Magnum Photos

Photographer Guy Le Querrec Has Captured France’s Strange Beauty Through the Decades

The Magnum photographer on being true to your roots and what makes a good photograph.
Julie Le Baron

Six New Photographers Joined the World's Most Exclusive Photo Agency

Since the agency's inception 68 years ago, Magnum has never before admitted so many photographers in one year.

Patrick Zachmann’s 1980s Photos of the Italian Mafia and Marginalized Communities

Since starting out in the late 1970s, Zachmann has walked the streets of Naples with anti-mafia brigades, documented marginalized Chinese communities in Hong Kong, and worked on the integration of immigrants in Marseille.
Patrick Zachmann

Magnum Photographers Share Their Most Intimate Photos

Some exclusive images from "Up Close & Personal: The Most Intimate Photos from Magnum."
VICE Staff
The Make Believe Issue

The Polar Extremes of Communities Behind California's 'Redwood Curtain'

Underneath the grandeur of nature, the struggles of small-town life are found.
Curran Hatleberg
The Photo Issue 2015

Portraits of the Paradoxical Chechen Republic

Photographer Olga Kravets documents modern life in Chechyna, a federal state of Russia, where Turkish-built skyscrapers tower over citizens and the government tortures young men if they show any sign of dissent.
Olga Kravets
The Photo Issue 2015

Occupied Pleasures

These photos show the little nuggets of happiness and light that Palestinians experience while living under the harsh conditions of occupation in the West Bank.
Tanya Habjouqa
The Photo Issue 2015

Photos of the Most Vulnerable People in Bangladesh

Dhaka's pavement dwellers have few means to survive in a political, social, and economic environment that virtually ignores them.
Shehab Uddin
The Photo Issue 2015

Susan Meiselas & the Magnum Foundation Present Seven Emerging Photojournalists

The Magnum Foundation's mission to sustain independent work and artistic excellence is embodied in this collection of pictures by photographers like Poulomi Basu, Tanya Habjouqa, and Pete Pin.
Poulomi Basu, Tanya Habjouqa, Olga Kravets, Pete Pin,