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Meet One of Mexico City's Best Tamale Makers

When his job as a waiter at a strip club abruptly ended, one man turned into one of Mexico City's most innovative tamale makers.
Memo Bautista

Wikipedia Editors Have Been Fighting Over Corn for at Least a Decade

Maize or corn? The eternal debate over Wikipedia Article Titles continues.
Rebecca Flowers

Researchers Project Sub-Saharan Africa Will Not Be Able to Feed Itself by 2050

Of the five major grains grown in the region (maize, millet, rice, wheat, and sorghum), maize is the most important in terms of yield and caloric value—but yields of the grain must be at least doubled in the coming decades if there is any hope of...
Gigen Mammoser
Mexican Food

This Is Why LA's Mexican Food Is Still Not the Best In the US

Despite all the accolades that LA gets for its amazing Mexican food, it still has one dirty, little secret: its dependence on prepackaged tortillas with crappy ingredients.
Javier Cabral

Venezuelan Government Says It Will Finally Distribute Food to Its Hungry Citizens

President Nicolas Maduro’s wildly unpopular regime is taking measures to appease a very hangry population.
Nick Rose

The Disappearing Neighborhood Corn Mills of Mexico

El Moncayo corn mill is one of the few that are still around in Mexico, having been in the same location in a neighborhood just south of Mexico City for over 70 years.
Eunice Lozada

Time Is Running Out to Battle Climate Change for Africa's Food Supply

A study has taken the unusual route of producing a timeline of how and when climate change will adversely affect Africa’s ability to produce food.
Alex Swerdloff

The Anatomy of a Nicaraguan Taco

During the middle of a rainstorm at the highly popular Taco Marlene, I watched a woman use one hand to gracefully squeeze the water out of her hair and her other to eat her taco. Yes, they are that good.
Clarissa Wei

Mexico's Chefs Are Fighting a Future of Genetically Modified Corn

In August, a Mexican federal district judge repealed a two-year-old ban on genetically modified maize, leading many of the country's chefs to worry about GM corn replacing indigenous varieties.
Lisa Abend

Mexico’s Indigenous Tribes Used to Get Wasted on These Prehispanic Brews

Made from fermented maize and pineapple respectively, <i>tejuino</i> and <i>tepache</i> are typically served in plastic cups or plastic bags tied to a straw, sold almost exclusively on market stalls or by pedal-cart street vendors.
Duncan Tucker

Nikkei Is the Beautiful Love Child of Peru and Japan

Nikkei cuisine is gastronomic natural selection at its finest, a flawless spawn of epicurean intercourse. It breeds two master culinary races, both of which possess an age-old history and flaunt superior native ingredients.
Allie Lazar
Motherboard Blog

Europe Moves To Drastically Cut Crop-Based Biofuels

America should be paying close attention.
Michael Byrne