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Trump Campaign's Ad Showing 'Real' American Workers Actually Uses Foreign Stock Photos

The MAGA team used Turkish stock photos of a bearded hipster and a Japanese coffee shop instead of finding 'real' Americans to appear in its ads.
Jelisa Castrodale
covington catholic school

Here's where we're at with the MAGA hat–wearing Covington boys

The Catholic-school teens hired PR professionals linked with Mitch McConnell, and the school has cancelled classes
Rex Santus

Kanye on 'SNL' Is the Last Thing the World Needs Right Now

What do they think is going to happen if not a viral offensive controversy to promote his new album?
Taylor Hosking

What Went Wrong at the HOPE Hacking Conference?

Attendees at Hackers on Planet Earth don’t think the conference is doing enough to address issues of harassment and intimidation from "bad faith attendees."
Daniel Oberhaus
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Bars Can Boot Trump Supporters for Wearing MAGA Hats, Judge Rules

Greg Piatek tried to argue he was discriminated against based on his "closely held spiritual beliefs" for President Trump.
Adam Forrest

70,000 People Were Asked How Companies Could Help Them. Here’s What They Said.

Aligning business practices with public priorities isn't easy, but some CEOs are trying to actually help ordinary Americans.
Martin Whittaker
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This Guy Claims His MAGA Hat Is Part of His 'Spiritual Beliefs'

Greg Piatek says he was kicked out of a bar for "adhering to his closely held spiritual beliefs by adorning the hat in question."
Drew Schwartz
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These Racist 'MAGA' Letters Are Being Sent All Over New York

The swastika-laden hate mail was sent to at least nine different spots in Brooklyn and Manhattan this week, including the Israeli consulate.
River Donaghey
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Trump Supporters Are Now Setting Their MAGA Hats on Fire

Members of Trump's base have taken to Twitter after he announced plans for a DACA deal with Democrats, setting their MAGA hats aflame and calling him #AmnestyDon.
Drew Schwartz
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

See Miguel's "Shitty Emo Cover" of "Make America Great Again" by Pussy Riot

Try to keep your composure.
Lauren O'Neill
100 days

100 days of Trump's tweets

President Donald Trump has tweeted over 500 times since taking office 100 days ago. That's an average of 5 tweets a day.
Emma Fidel

How British People Talk About Patriotism

The new Englishness is a celebration of everything it hates, defined by all the wrong it sees.
Angus Harrison