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Kanye Sounds Like a Bad Date

Pete Davidson finally explains that viral photo of his dinner with Kanye: "He's an order the fucking everything because I can and then we all have one bite, maybe... because fuck you... guy."
Kristin Corry

A Critical Analysis of Bob Dylan's 2018 Xmas Lights

Though the Woolsey Fire took out Mr. Dylan's fence and hedge, it was not able to destroy his Christmas spirit.
Merrill Markoe
climate change

California's Wildfires Are Exposing the Rotten Core of Capitalism

It's going to get weirder from here.
Lauren Lee White
california wildfires

Photos capture the utter devastation from the deadliest wildfires in California history

Hundreds of people are still missing, and officials warn the death toll will likely spike over the next few days.
VICE Staff
california's wildfires

31 dead and more than 200 missing as California wildfires hit record levels

A DNA lab and teams of anthropologists have been called in to help identify bone fragments.
David Gilbert

'BONG APPÉTIT' Hosts a Farm-to-Table Feast Packed with THC

Chef David Wilcox brings the VICELAND show's hosts to a ranch in Malibu for a meal made with various all-natural ingredients.
VICE Staff

PAN’s Ambient Compilation Is a Testament to the Details Found in Stillness

The label responsible for some of the last half decade’s most kinetic electronic music pauses for a breath on ‘mono no aware.’
Colin Joyce

I Went Ghost-Hunting at a 100-Year-Old Restaurant in the Mountains of Malibu

Before Saddle Peak Lodge was a restaurant, it was a stop for the Pony Express, a hunting lodge, a European auberge, and a bordello, so to find at least one spiritual energy who refused to rest in peace in its 100-year history would not be out of the...
Javier Cabral

Lawd Almighty: Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge Are Clicking as NxWorries

We spoke to the rapper and producer about their debut record 'Yes Lawd!' and the precise meanings of being cantankerous.
Dan Hyman
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Anderson .Paak Performed "Come Down" and Proved He's a Star at the BET Awards Last Night

Nobody ever looks like they're having fun performing at awards shows, but Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals were jamming like they were an hour into the best set of their lives.
Kyle Kramer
Holy Shit

Tunji Ige's Video for "War" Is Like Surfing on a Cloud

The Philly rapper is headed on tour with Michael Christmas starting this weekend.
Coachella 2016

Anderson .Paak Delivered the Best Set of Coachella

Go see Anderson .Paak while you can still afford it.
Jeff Weiss