How Trump officials' encrypted messaging made Mueller's job harder

Ironically James Comey, whose firing spurred Mueller’s investigation, fought encryption as FBI chief.


Paul Manafort deliberately lied to Mueller's team, court rules

Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that Mueller’s team “established by the preponderance of evidence” that Manafort “intentionally made false statements” on multiple subjects.


Mueller just released nearly 200 pages of evidence against Manafort. Read it here.

Tuesday's document dump “does not contain all of the evidence compiled by the FBI on these issues.”


Mueller shows no signs of wrapping up in latest court filing

He just asked for an extension to keep working with arguably his most important remaining cooperator through March.


Manafort shared internal polling data with alleged Russian spy during campaign, according to court filing

Those details and more were accidentally shared with the entire world on Tuesday by Manafort’s lawyers.


“Where do you begin?”: Trump has created more scandals than House Democrats can realistically investigate

“I liken it to being the cleanup crew at an 88-car pileup on the highway.”


Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange months before WikiLeaks dumped Democrats’ emails, report says

Manafort has denied any involvement in the hack, but he isn’t exactly known for the integrity of his word.


Manafort judge tells jury to keep working to reach consensus on “single count” in question

"It is your duty to agree upon a verdict if you can do so."


Here’s Paul Manafort’s last-ditch effort to avoid 305 years of jail time

“Let’s talk a bit about reasonable doubt,” defense attorney Richard Westling told the jury.


Paul Manafort’s defense rests without calling a single witness

After weeks of Manafort sitting silently at a table in front of the hundred courtroom observers, his raspy baritone filled the courtroom for the first time.


The Manafort trial is painting Trump’s former top campaign aides as crooks and liars

“Do you recall telling the special counsel that you engaged in four extramarital affairs?”