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Mueller shows no signs of wrapping up in latest court filing

He just asked for an extension to keep working with arguably his most important remaining cooperator through March.
Greg Walters
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Who is actually overseeing the Mueller investigation?

“Like much of Trump World, this is all very weird and worrisome.”
Greg Walters
Michael Cohen

These may be the two most important sentences in Mueller’s memo about Cohen

“That’s the money quote,” said one former federal prosecutor.
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The Russia investigation

Mueller just pulled some of his key findings out of Trump's grasp

“Mueller’s team now has a failsafe.”
Greg Walters
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A mysterious Russian operative and hush money: Two key takeaways from the Cohen memos

Prosecutors provided a lot of fresh detail about Cohen’s criminal wrongdoing over the last few years — ranging from tax fraud to orchestrating hush money payments to women during the campaign.
Greg Walters
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Mueller’s team promises to drop new “crimes and lies” report on Manafort by next week

“We’re prepared to do that whenever, we’re ready.”
Greg Walters
russia investigation

Mueller just drew a direct line between Trump’s business and the Kremlin.

Here's why that matters.
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Paul Manafort’s “crimes and lies” are bad news for both Mueller and Trump

“What Manafort did is simply unheard of, because it’s so risky”
Greg Walters
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Special Counsel asks FBI to investigate a sexual assault hoax against Mueller

Several journalists reported Tuesday that they’d received an email from a woman who claimed she'd been offered money from a Republican operative to invent accusations of sexual misconduct by Mueller.
Greg Walters
russia investigation

This is what could happen to Mueller’s Russia investigation if Rosenstein goes

“Firing Rosenstein would a big deal, and it would set a horrible precedent. But at the same time, it would be very hard to put this entire train back in the station.”
Greg Walters
Paul Manafort

Here’s what Mueller will want to ask Manafort now that he’s agreed to talk

“Mueller’s team put a lot of resources into going after Paul Manafort. He’s a key individual in the investigation.”
Greg Walters
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Paul Manafort found guilty on 8 criminal counts

The jury convicts on 8 counts and Judge T.S. Ellis declares a mistrial on the remaining 10 counts.
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