Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Sam Hinkie Resignation Letter as Literature

One year ago, Sam Hinkie's 13-page resignation letter brought The Process era to an end in Philadelphia. That work continues, but Hinkie's letter is history.
David Roth
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Won't Actually Be Divesting Himself from His Businesses After All

The president-elect plans to hand over the business to his adult sons by way of an independent trust, rather than selling the company or placing it in a blind trust like ethics experts have urged.
VICE Staff

How 30 Years in Hollywood Made Me a Good Boss

A veteran movie professional’s new book offers practical tips from a lifetime of working behind-the-scenes.
Seth Ferranti

Baseball Won't Fix Its PED Problem Until It Fixes the Incentives That Create It

Baseball players have always cheated, from spitballs to steroids. MLB should keep on testing and punishing cheaters, but there's a bigger fix, if they want it.
Jonathan Bernhardt
world series

Which Loathsome Owner Is Your World Series Favorite?

The New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals are evenly matched, and not just on the field. Each team has uniquely loathsome owners. So who's more hateful?
Jonathan Bernhardt
thump news

Madison House Booking and Management is Headed for Canada

Colorado's reputable booking and management company known for acts like Bassnectar and events like Electric Forest is heading to the Great White North.
Rachael D’Amore

Crookers Gives Us a Visual Play-By-Play of his Time in Vancouver

From leaky sinks, to packed clubs, and passed out management, this photo diary is as honest as it gets.
Zhamak Fullad

Indigenous Australians Are Excluded from Managing Water on Their Own Land

Indigenous leaders claim that huge swathes of their land near the Murray Darling Basin have become uninhabitable thanks to decisions they had no part in.
Jack Callil

Michele Roberts Is Right and the Media Is Wrong

Michele Roberts was hired by the NBA Players Association to represent the interests of NBA players. She has shown, already, that she understands that job very well.
Chris Thompson
Motherboard Blog

Kenya Will Use a Vessel Tracking System to Curb Illegal Fishing

The country is joining the increasing ranks of high-tech fisheries to use tracking systems to help ensure its fish stocks are sustainably harvested.
Derek Mead