ISIS just claimed what may be the deadliest attack on U.S. forces in Syria

“The caliphate has crumbled and ISIS has been defeated,” said Vice President Mike Pence just hours after the deadly attack.
Tim Hume

Turkey to U.S. troops in Syria: Please move so we can attack your Kurdish allies

A Turkish push in northern Syria carries a risk of U.S. forces getting caught in the crossfire.
Tim Hume

Syria’s ruinous civil war is 6 years old and no closer to an end

Tim Hume

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The United States Olympic Committee has apologized for swimmers' false claims about being robbed, Russia agrees to a 48-hour ceasefire in Aleppo, Frank Ocean drops a new visual album, and more.
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US-backed Syrian fighters take Manbij city, Islamic State's gateway to Europe

Some Syrians in the town celebrated by cutting off Islamic State-required beards and burning burqas, while others took part in previously prohibited activities like smoking and dancing.
Tess Owen
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Syrian women burned a burka after being freed from the Islamic State

Video footage from the city of Manbij in northern Syria shows a crowd cheering as a woman waves a swath of black fabric and sets it on fire.
Tess Owen
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Islamic State rejects proposed surrender deal in besieged city

The Islamic State has ignored an offer for its fighters to withdraw safely from the Syrian city of Manbij, and clashes with US-backed forces continued after the offer expired.
VICE News and Reuters
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Dozens of civilians reportedly killed by US-led coalition airstrikes in Syria

Human rights groups say US-led coalition airstrikes killed at least 56 civilians in and around the besieged city of Manbij in northern Syria on Monday and Tuesday.
Benjamin Gilbert

US-backed Forces Tighten Grip Around Islamic State in Syria's Manbij

US-backed forces fighting Islamic State near the Syrian-Turkish border said on Thursday they had reached the militants' last main route in and out of their stronghold in the area, the city of Manbij.
Reuters News Agency