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A Texas Brewery Is Under Fire for Naming a Beer After a Nuclear Test Site

'Bikini Atoll' has sparked backlash from people in the Marshall Islands, who have pointed out that lingering radiation from U.S. nuclear weapons tests prevents people from living in their ancestral homelands.
Jelisa Castrodale
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When Being Terrible at a Game Is the Most Compelling Way to Play

With repeated losses and defeats, sometimes the idea of improving becomes the main attraction.
Rob Zacny
Manhattan Project

One of the Last Remaining Manhattan Project Scientists Has Died

And with him, perhaps, our nuclear sanity.
Brian Merchant

The Most Toxic Nuclear Facility in the US Is in Lockdown

3,000 workers are sheltering as an emergency is declared at a nuclear facility in Washington State.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Meet Detective X, the Founder of Federal Forensic Science

Wilmer Souder consulted on the FBI crime lab and worked on the Lindbergh kidnapping—but then we forgot about him.
Alexandra Ossola
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Clinton and Trump's intelligence briefings aren't anything to worry about

The candidates are about to get classified briefings from the US spy agencies. But neither one is going to learn any major state secrets from them.
Benjamin Gilbert

The Online Afterlife of Manhattan Project Physicist Philip Morrison

"Scientific knowledge and understanding is not a purely cerebral affair; it is soaked with emotion, excitement, and nervous tension, as everyone knows who has heard Philip Morrison talk."
Becky Ferreira
Radio Motherboard

Meet One of the Youngest, Last Surviving Manhattan Project Scientists

Murray Peshkin is one of the last surviving Manhattan Project scientists. This is his story, told after our trip to the crater of the first atomic bomb, on its 70th birthday.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Old Security Photos Highlight the Unknown Builders of the Atomic Bomb

For all the famous names, there were hundreds more people working behind the scenes.
Derek Mead

Why Canada Needs the Sasquatch

With the right backing from the scientific community and the Canadian government, resurrecting Sasquatch could be the Great White North's Manhattan Project, an attempt to harness the chaotic, dangerous, root forces of nature in such a way as to add to...
Michael Mckenna
Motherboard Blog

The Ill-Conceived Manhattan Project National Park Is Not Going to Be Built

I think a lot of people wish the invention of the atomic bomb is something we could all take back. It's not necessarily a realistic thought -- there's always the argument that _someone_ would have eventually developed one -- but the AEC's insane...
Derek Mead

Einstein's Letter To Roosevelt: Why We Created the Atomic Bomb

The fear of Germans acquiring nuclear technology, espoused here, is considered to be the motivation to the U.S.'s creation of the atomic bomb.
Michael Byrne