Manic Depression


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Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Someone with Bipolar Disorder

"The worst is when you're told that you can just snap out of depression as if it's just a matter of pulling yourself together."


I Lost My Mind at Age 16

An excerpt from author Jaime Lowe's new book 'MENTAL: Lithium, Love, and Losing My Mind.'


Scenes from My Time in a Psychiatric Hospital

After a series of manic episodes, I was admitted to the Centre Hospitalier de Saint-Anne in Paris. That's where I met a nymphomaniac, a medium, and the reincarnation of Christ.


How Stand-Up Comedy Puts My Bipolar Brain at Ease

Stand-up is basically an acceptable form of public self-harm. As someone who thinks a lot about self harm, it's one place I feel accepted.


The Glorious Highs and Dismal Lows of Life Without My Bipolar Meds

A manic episode is like a frenzied bukakke party in my head, and I'm all the participants at once.


Human Connection and Shitting in Churches: The Moving, Surreal Comedy of Kim Noble

We spoke to the British performer about his new show, in which he pretends to be a woman online to catfish truck drivers and drills a hole in his wall to record the sound of his neighbors having sex.