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"Bling Bling" Was Just the Best Thing Ever

The song isn't just Lil Wayne's breakout moment; it's also a foundational part of rap itself.


This Is What It Takes to Be a Teen Sensation Like Lil Wayne

It's tempting to compare NBA Youngboy to Lil Wayne, but what exactly are the similarities?


Let This Lil Wayne Attitude Direct Your Saturday

Today's song is "Young Playa" off 'Tha Block Is Hot.'


Nothing Was Hotter Than the Hot Boys' 'Guerrilla Warfare'

In the video for "We on Fire," B.G. actually caught on fire.


Happy Birthday to 'Tha Carter'

Walk in and walk out of Lil Wayne's 2004 classic.


"Bring It Back" Is Still the Best Lil Wayne Dance Song You’re Not Dancing To

Most people remember this single for the line "best rapper alive since the best rapper retired," but there's more to it.


"Go DJ" Was When Lil Wayne Became a Star

"It's Cash Money Records, man, a lawless gang / put some water on the track, Fresh, for all this flame."


The Time Lil Wayne Acted out Spitting out Shrimp for a Whole Bar

“Cash Money Millionaires” is the pimping song on 'Tha Carter.'


"The Heat" Is When All of Lil Wayne's Gun Talk Homework Paid Off

Lots of people have talked about shooting people in rap songs over the years. But has anyone ever done it better than Lil Wayne?


This Is the Carter (A Lot More Rich and a Whole Lot Smarter)

Wayne in the brain, young Carter.


Hell Yeah, It's Petey Pablo and Lil Wayne's "Gangsta Shit"

God bless Mannie Fresh and the 919's finest and of course Lil Wayne.