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Biscuits 70: Grading the Marc-Andre Fleury and Connor Hellebuyck Extensions

Lozo and Down Goes Brown also discuss the passing of Ray Emery, and cast an Ocean's 11 movie with hockey players.
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Welcome to the Stanley Cup Final Matchup That Makes No Sense

The Washington Capitals are back in the Cup Final for the first time in 20 years against the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, the team everyone thought would be awful.
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DGB Grab Bag: Penguins Waiting for Revenge, Save Your Boos, and NHL Collusion?

Plus Patrik Laine is obsessed with "Call of Duty" and ragging on his roommate.
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Biscuits 47: Does Marc-Andre Fleury Have a Shot at Making the Hall of Fame?

Lozo and Down Goes Brown also discuss goalie interference controversy, Henrik Lundqvist's future in New York, and the upcoming trade deadline.
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The Penguins Should Worry If Bad Marc-André Fleury Is Back

After a nightmare Game 3 from his goaltender, coach Mike Sullivan has to decide whether it was just a hiccup by Good Fleury, or if Bad Fleury is back to stake his claim on the latest Penguins postseason disappointment.
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The Fleury Mistake Could Still Come Back to Haunt Penguins Coach Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan redeemed himself by going back to Matt Murray in Game 6. But the decision to start Marc-Andre Fleury in a Game 5 loss may hang over him like a dark cloud.
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The Buffalo Sabres Are Terrible, But Are They Tanking?

Rooting for a team that may or may not be tanking is a miserable experience, but Sabres fans are holding out hope while the team struggles to get by.
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