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Sandy Hook parents can now sue gunmaker of rifle used in school shooting

The case has the potential to bring seismic shifts to the world of gun rights and gun control.
Tess Owen

Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez is trying to trademark “We Call B.S.”

Parkland mass shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez is calling B.S. on the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Christianna Silva

These Students are Marching for Gun Control During an NRA Convention

The Rally4Reform in Dallas is a show of solidarity with all those who have been affected by gun violence, and demand change.
Waed Alhayek
Rise Up

This Teen Activist Isn't Done Fighting for Common Sense Gun Control

Lane Murdock and her peer organizers plan to launch new events, new organizing tools, and new opportunities for nationwide collaboration, all focused around increasing the voices of pre-voting age citizens in the fight against gun violence.
Katelyn Harrop
MLB The Show

'MLB The Show 18' Dreams of Escape from Politics, And Damn, It's Tempting

A great baseball sim makes an appeal to nostalgia even as Opening Day is clouded by mourning and anger.
Rob Zacny
march for our lives

Conservatives are now comparing a Parkland survivor to Hitler

David Hogg's raised fist at the March for Our Lives is being compared to a Nazi salute.
Christianna Silva
Rise Up

These States Aren't Waiting for Gun Control to Be Fixed at the Federal Level

With 66 percent of Americans calling for stricter gun control overall and 97 percent supporting universal background checks, states have stepped in to fill federal gun control policy fails.
Katelyn Harrop
march for our lives

How one Parkland teacher is making sure the #neveragain movement never stops

She's helping build an organization through the American Federation of Teachers
Erica K. Landau
Kathleen Caulderwood
Emma Fidel

Eagles of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes Criticizes Gun Control Protesters

The singer angrily responded to calls for stricter gun laws and directly attacked Parkland survivor Emma Gonzáles.
Michi Koffler
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The Right is trying to discredit the March for Our Lives by attacking a teenager

Conservatives are attacking 18-year-old Emma González.
Christianna Silva
Rise Up

An Anonymous Activist is Sending These Trucks Across the US to Protest Gun Violence

A fleet of mobile billboards dispatched across the country is furthering the conversation on gun violence in America and what can be done to stop it.
Impact Staff

Intense Photos of the March for Our Lives in Parkland

A photographer who grew up knowing Marjory Stoneman students as math and sports rivals captured a very different scene on Saturday.
Sasha Arutyunova