march madness: a vice news spotlight on north korea


Why a Secretive Group of Western Investors Are Bullish on Business in North Korea

A small number of Western businesspeople believe investment in North Korea is not only good business, but morally defensible. In turn, they're called everything from "insane" to "embarrassments to humanity."


North Korea Fires Another Missile, Just as Obama Prepares for Trilateral Meeting

The missile flew northeast for about 124 miles over the sea, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency said, while Obama will meet his South Korean and Japanese counterparts on Thursday to discuss North Korea.


In Photos: North Korea Through the Lens of David Guttenfelder

Photojournalist David Guttenfelder helped the Associated Press open a bureau in Pyongyang, and has made more than 40 trips to North Korea over the years.


North Korea's Latest Propaganda Video Shows a Nuclear Strike on Washington, DC

The four-minute video ends with the US capital engulfed in a giant mushroom cloud before dissolving into a crackling image of an American flag in flames.


North Korea Is Experimenting with a Different Kind of Rocket Fuel for Better Missiles

Kim Jong-un's regime is chugging along in its quest to develop solid-fuel engines for long-range missiles that could send a nuke across the world.


Korean-American Man Held in North Korea Confesses to Committing 'Unpardonable Espionage'

A source in Pyongyang said diplomats were notified in the morning of the confession and Kim's comments were similar to the recent confession of American student Otto Warmbier.


North Korea Fires Five More Projectiles in the Vague Direction of Japan

Pyongyang sent five short-range projectiles into the sea off its east coast on Monday, while South Korea's Unification Ministry claimed that the North is capable of a fifth nuclear test at any point.


North Korea Fired Two Ballistic Missiles — And One Blew Up Right After It Was Launched

The medium-range missiles — one of which appeared to be capable of reaching Japan — were reportedly fired from road-mobile launchers.


North Korea Just Fired Another Couple of Missiles at Nothing in Particular

Kim Jong-un's forces launched a ballistic missile that flew into the sea off its eastern coast early Friday morning. Then it fired another that might have fallen apart.


North Korea’s Counterfeit Benjamins Have Vanished

The Hermit Kingdom produced counterfeit "supernotes" that the US Secret Service said were the best in the world. But it appears to have significantly scaled back its operations — or maybe even stopped altogether.


North Korea Has Sentenced US Student Otto Warmbier to 15 Years Hard Labor

Warmbier's harsh sentencing, for stealing a propaganda sign, comes as North Korea is increasingly isolated following the its January nuclear test and last month's long-range rocket launch.


These North Korean Defectors Are Leading Calls for Kim Jong-un to Face the ICC

Two years after a UN inquiry found North Korea to be guilty of "crimes against humanity," those who testified are still pushing to see the reclusive Asian country's leader face prosecution.