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Marfa Is Magic

Marfa Myths is the anti-Coachella, and at just 800 attendees, the festival is small out of necessity. But that's exactly why it's special.
Jeff Gage

'Black Swan' Choreographer Stages Land Art Ballet

And there's only one way to see it.
Kara Weisenstein

This Video Artist Is Making the Greatest Grilled Cheeses in the Middle of Nowhere

One video artist in Marfa, Texas has found an eccentric way to blend his video artwork with one of the most bizarre eateries in the state while serving some of the most inventive grilled cheeses to a very unusual clientele.
Helen Hollyman

Inside Robert Irwin’s Dazzling New Monument to Light and Space

Take a walk through Robert Irwin’s first free-standing installation in the art Mecca of Marfa, Texas.
Naila Perez-Stringari

Enter the #DingoHive and Get Familiar with San Antonio's Dingo Johnson

A rare tumor gave the Texas rapper lockjaw, but that's not going to stop him from making San Antonio great again.
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You Should Drink a Michelada Right About Now

This michelada combines beer with tomato juice, Worcestershire, soy sauce, and—like almost anything to come out of a Mexican kitchen—chile, lime, and salt.
Munchies Staff
daily vice

We Meet the Guy Catching Australian Wildlife with His Bare Hands on Today's 'Daily VICE'

We also look at photographer Stacy Kranitz's vision of Appalachia, talk art crime with investigator Mark Fishstein, and try the best grilled cheese sandwich in Marfa.
VICE Staff
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Six-Man Football: How Small Texas Towns Hold on to the Game They Love

The six man game may not be as glamorous as eleven-on-eleven, but for towns like Marfa, Texas, it is the best way to keep the football spirit alive.
Asa Merritt

Michelada Recipe

It's like a Texan Bloody Mary without as hard a kick.
Ty Mitchell

How-To: Make a Michelada with Ty Mitchell

Watch Ty Mitchell, a cowboy from Marfa, Texas, make a michelada, a famous Texan drink. Mix a Mexican beer, tomato juice, lime, and spices, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing desert beverage.
Munchies Staff