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Margaret Thatcher’s Briefing on Punk for a 1987 Interview Is Pure Gold

"The 'PUNK' era which hit the music world between 1976-1978 was a very basic musical style"—an official document, which misspells the word "synthesizers."


Here's How One Artist Took on the Colorblind British Art World

Lubaina Himid rose to prominence with the Black Art movement in mid-1980s Britain, but was pushed aside in favor of simpler themes and sleeker aesthetics. Now three major shows and a place on the Turner Prize shortlist are heralding a belated rethink.


Why Are People Comparing The Grenfell Tower Fire To The Hillsborough Disaster?

In the aftermath of the deadly fire in Grenfell Tower, parallels have been drawn to the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans at Hillsborough. Both disasters have their roots in institutional negligence and a lack of care for working-class citizens.


[Exclusive] This Film Was So F**ked Up That England Banned Its Youth Prisons

Now's your chance to catch Alan Clarke's "Scum," in all its brutality, on the big screen at Metrograph.


Memoriam's Karl Willetts Is Leading the Death Metal Resistance

The former Bolt Thrower frontman reflects on new beginnings, the necessity of political resistance, and Margaret Thatcher


David Cameron is out, Theresa May set to become UK Prime Minister

After a formal power changing process with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, the Conservative politician will become Britain's new head of government.


A Bawdy Margaret Thatcher Sculpture Upends British History

YBA Marcus Harvey shows us what he thinks it means to be British in 2016.


‘High Dive’ Is a Surprisingly Sexual Novel About the Botched Plot to Kill Margaret Thatcher

We spoke to Jonathan Lee about his new book and the connections between fucking and fanaticism.


Undermining Boom: Tony Abbott on the Comeback Trail

Like so many of his promises, his "no sniping" pledge was an indicator that he was about to do the exact opposite.


Scarecrow Punches Tin Man, Chinese Artist Actually French: Last Week in Art

Alexandre Ouairy has been successfully posing—and selling art—as his fictional character Tao Hongjing for over a decade.


British Plan to Move 5.5 Million Hong Kong Chinese to Northern Ireland Was a 'Joke'

Newly declassified documents revealed a UK government proposal to "transplant" Hong Kong to Northern Ireland, but an official has now said that he’s shocked that anyone took the suggestion seriously.


Singapore Teen Who Insulted Former Leader Held in Mental Institution Pending Sentencing

As human rights campaigners call for Amos Yee's release, his defiance and brashness have led the authorities to speculate wildly on the underlying causes of his behavior.