Margaret Thatcher is dead

    • 4.15.13

      Margaret Thatcher's Death Party

      On Saturday, thousands of people showed up in Trafalgar Square in London to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher. Our colleagues from VICE UK went along to witness this morbid and very British party.

    • 4.10.13

      Is It Wrong to Celebrate Thatcher's Death?

      There’s a lot for those at the bottom rung of society to be angry about, but if not for this Margeret Thatcher, there almost certainly would have been another one. Neoliberalism was a rising force across the world. In America, there was Reagan; in...

    • 4.9.13

      Thatcher's in the Grave, They're Having a Rave

      On the evening of Margaret Thatcher's death, our VICE UK colleagues went down to Brixton to find out why so many people celebrated the death of an old lady.