Marie Antoinette


16 Wonderfully Weird Cake-Centric Movie Scenes to Watch for National Cake Day

From Mrs. Doubtfire's frosting face to Bruce Bogtrotter's chocolate cake endurance test.
James Charisma
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Katy Perry’s Video For “Hey Hey Hey” Is 'Marie Antoinette' With Smartphones

Capitalism or feminism: you decide!
Noisey UK Staff

See Your Favorite World Leaders Host an Exuberant Dinner Party

Federico Solmi’s video installations bring together a menagerie of historical world leaders in absurd and hedonistic scenarios.
Andrew Nunes
The Film That Made Me...

What 'Marie Antoinette' Taught Me About Being a Teenage Girl

The film that tanked compared to 'The Virgin Suicides' and 'Lost In Translation' is a cult classic Sofia Coppola should be praised for.
Hannah Ewens

You Can Bid on Marie Antoinette-Era Cognac in Paris

La Tour d’Argent, a famed Parisian restaurant, is selling off a silver duck press and 228-year-old bottles of Grande Fine Clos du Griffier Cognac.
Wyatt Marshall
The Score

The Score: Mapping the Music and Extravagant Style of 'Marie Antoinette'

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Sofia Coppola-directed flick we dissect the music (Bow Wow Wow, Phoenix, The Strokes!) and style (opulent!) of France's teen queen.
Elizabeth Sankey

Draw Your Own 18th Century Selfie with 'Design a Wig'

The V&A Museum brilliantly uses technology to make wigs that would make Marie Antoinette and Amadeus weep.
Marina Garcia-Vasquez

The Long History of Severed Heads

I spoke with Francis Larson, author of 'Severed,' to discuss our undying fascination and commodification of decapitated heads.
Rick Paulas
The Fashion Issue 2014

Marie Antoinette Was the First Fashion Martyr

A history professor argues that the much-maligned queen of France attempted to win influence at the royal court through her transcendent sense of style only to be decapitated as a result.
Bruno Bayley