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Northern California Dispensaries Are Giving Free Weed to Fire Victims

Two medical marijuana companies are offering a little relief to victims of one of the worst fires in the state's history.
Drew Millard
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Some Cops in California Are Claiming a Video of Them Eating Edibles During a Marijuana Raid Violates Their Privacy

Surveillance video footage also shows the officers joking about kicking the dispensary manager, an amputee, "in her fucking nub."
Arielle Pardes

The Canadian Government Wants Police to Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Vancouver has proposed new measures aimed at cracking down on the burgeoning business and clarifying a legal gray zone.
Justin Ling

How the Westboro Baptist Church Might Unwittingly Help the Pro-Marijuana Movement

By becoming the face of homophobia, the WBC inadvertently helped make being anti-gay look terrible. Now that they are protesting pro-pot legislation, could they hurt the anti-marijuana cause?
Josiah Hesse

Congress Is Finally Getting Behind Medical Marijuana

Last night, when no one was looking, the US House of Representatives did something surprising: It voted to deescalate the war on drugs, passing an amendment that would prohibit the DEA from terrorizing legal medical marijuana businesses.
Grace Wyler

High Country

'High Country' is Motherboard's new doc about the Silicon Valley of weed. In part two, we visit a former NASA botanist who is building automated grow tanks, bask in the glory of LED smart-lighting, and brave the Cannabis Cup.
VICE Staff

High Country - Trailer

Motherboard heads west to learn about America's green rush. Here's a trailer for their new documentary about the highs and lows of America's budding, tech-enabled cannabis industry. 'High Country' will air on Monday, June 3.
Brian Anderson

Exploring the Interior Designs of Los Angeles Weed Clinics

If you own a store that looks great and people feel comfortable shopping there, nice work. If you’re operating that store under constant threat of raids and total shutdown, years of stressy politics, infighting, and a host of thug-life problems...
Kerry McLaughlin