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Bernie Sanders officially announced his new progressive organization, a truck bomb hit a police building in Turkey, some plants in Baltimore are addicted to meth, and more.
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What We Know About the Baton Rouge Police Shooter

Gavin Eugene Long, also known as "Cosmo," was a former US Marine connected to a fringe political movement.
Matt Taylor

Russia's Newly Acquired Battle Dolphins Are Like Drones That Swim

Dolphins are currently known for being smart and having good sex. With a smart rebrand, drones could be thought of as just as cute and cuddly as the marine mammal.
Grant Pardee
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VICE Eats with John Besh

Chef John Besh went fishing on New Orleans's Lake Pontchartrain with local angling legend “Deadly” Dudley Vandeborre and chef Brian Landry. The trio then cooked up their findings back at La Provence.
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Speaking with Adam Kokesh, Before He Was Detained by the Feds

Kokesh is an Iraq War veteran and the guy trying to organize an armed march in Washington, DC. On Saturday he was arrested at a Smoke Down Prohibition rally, and is currently being held in federal custody. I spoke to him about his march and other stuff...
Dell Cameron
The Cultural Atrocities Issue


Writing almost exclusively about psychoactives, it is not unusual for me to be contacted by strangers who wish to report on the effects of various drugs. Most of these reports are uninteresting, but occasionally I receive something unusual.
Hamilton Morris and Jason Wallach
The Imposters Issue

Killing Up Close

William Wold seemed fine when he came home from Iraq. Wold had begged his mother to sign a parental-approval form when he wanted to join the Marines at 17, taking extra online classes to graduate a year early in order to do so. But after four years of...
Kevin Sites