Marine Biology


We Now Know Why Great White Sharks Gather In a Mysterious Ocean Void

One of the ocean’s most tantalizing questions has been answered by an expedition to the 'white shark cafe,' a remote zone in the middle of the Pacific.


The Marine Biologist Using Big Data to Protect Ocean Wildlife

Douglas McCauley works with tools like Global Fishing Watch to engage the public in the future of the oceans.


Alaska's veterinary pathologists figure out why animals die

Alaska's go-to veterinary pathologist, Kathy Burek, shows how climate change might be affecting animals.


Scientists Plan to Use Pheromones to Trap Coral-Eating Starfish

Using their own sex hormones against them might be the best way to defeat crown-of-thorn starfish.


Jacques Cousteau Talks Atlantis and Cognac in This Playful Animated Interview

Patrick Smith animates an inspiring conversation in the latest episode of PBS Digital Studios' Blank on Blank ‘The Experimenters’ series.


A New Pipeline In Canada Could Cause Marine Species to Be Flooded With Noise

BC just gave the Kinder Morgan pipeline the go-ahead. Shipping traffic will increase, and with it, marine noise.


No Really, These Century-Old Aquatic Creatures Are Made of Glass

How 19th century German glassblowers created some of the world's most delicate scientific models.


Deep-Sea Artist Paints Creatures that Glow Under Black Light

Lily Simonson joins scientific research expeditions as the onboard artist, painting creatures most people will never see up close.


I've Spent More Than 300 Hours in the Deep-Sea Twilight Zone

When you're in the Twilight Zone, it's incredible because everything you see is something that has never been seen before. But you have to be careful, because it's very easy to die at that depth.


Rising Sea Temperatures Are Luring Carnivorous Lionfish into the Mediterranean

The Lionfish, a species native to the Indo-Pacific ocean, has slowly been setting up camp in the Mediterranean.


Shark-Spotting Drones Could Protect Both Swimmers and Sharks

Researchers want their drones to help issue warnings in real-time.