Marine Le Pen


The Brexit Dumpster Fire Has Killed Every Major EU Secessionist Movement

“A lot of people think that if a country like the U.K. can’t make it work, then they won’t be able to either.”
Tim Hume

It Sure Looks Like Italy’s Far-Right Ruling Party Tried to Take a Cash Infusion From Russia

Italian prosecutors are investigating after audio was released of a meeting between Russian officials and an aide to the Italian deputy PM.
David Gilbert
EU elections

What You Need to Know About the EU Election Results

Europe's far-right populists fell short of predictions, but they still made significant gains in Brussels.
David Gilbert

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was ordered to take a psychiatric evaluation. She’s freaking out.

Le Pen was charged in 2015 with “inciting discrimination” after she likened public Muslim public prayers to the Nazi occupation of France, but was acquitted.
Tim Hume
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

White House claws back call for new age limits on guns, Nepal plane crash kills almost 50, Kim Jong Un may seek peace treaty with US, and more.
VICE Staff
national front

Marine Le Pen wants French voters to forget the National Front's anti-Semitic past

“Our goal is clear: Power.”
Tim Hume

Police charge Marine Le Pen for posting images of a beheaded American journalist

"I am being charged for having condemned the horrors of Daesh."
Tim Hume
10 Questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask an Anti-Fascist

As a nationalist party gains power in Greece, we check in with a protester in the country fighting against its rise.
Anna Nini
The VICE Morning Bulletin

VICE Morning Bulletin

American Otto Warmbier dies after release from North Korea, Senate Democrats hold "talk-a-thon" against Trumpcare, special election day in Georgia, and more.
VICE Staff

Macron scores stunning parliamentary victory over Le Pen's far right party

David Gilbert
Macron at LB

Emmanuel Macron, Centrist President and Extremely Average Left-Back

According to reports in France, Emmanuel Macron was once officially registered as the left-back for a Parisian amateur team. Always stopping right-wingers in their tracks, amirite.
Will Magee

How to talk like a populist

Criticism of the elite and references to “the people" are common in populist rhetoric. But whether a populist leader champions liberal or conservative policies, the key is to be consistent.
Milena Mikael-Debass