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Global Warming Is Wiping Out Marine Animals Faster Than Land Dwellers

A study of 406 cold-blooded animals revealed that climate change is already pushing marine species to their thermal limits.


Toxic algae is killing thousands of fish in Florida and making people sick

“When the fish are washing up by the thousands, people understand that it’s not healthy for them to be swimming or fishing in those waters."​


How Did Tropical Dolphins End Up Off the Coast of Canada?

“It certainly does suggest the North Pacific is warming up,” says one researcher.


The Best Livestream on Earth Is Back, Live from the Bottom of the Ocean

The NOAA's 'Okeanos Explorer' just began its dive of the Gulf of Mexico.


Using drones to gather whale snot — for science

Who wouldn't want to fly through clouds of snot?


Why Do Fishing Vessels ‘Go Dark’ In Certain Regions of the Ocean?

A new report by the nonprofit Oceana spotlights weird cases of fishing vessels switching off their public trackers.


Half of the World's Ocean Life Will Be Gone in 100 Years Unless We Act Now

The Sustainable Development Goals have specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. Today we're tackling how to preserve life below our oceans.


Scientists Tell Us What Would Happen If North Korea Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb Underwater

North Korea’s underwater nuclear test seems more and more likely—but what happens after the bomb goes off?


Brainless Jellyfish Sleep Too

It's the first-ever example of sleep in animals without a brain.


We’re Eating Plastics From Our Own Dirty Laundry

A startup is developing a reusable sheet that sucks microplastics from our laundry machines, so they don’t end up in the water supply.


Artists Create Stunning Murals to Raise Awareness of Ocean Conservation

PangeaSeed combines the worlds of art and activism to spread an important message about protecting oceans.


Check Out These Vivid Wildlife Illustrations From a Victorian Fossil Truther

Philip Henry Gosse believed that God placed fake fossils on Earth, but he was still a renowned and talented naturist and illustrator.