Eating Aguachile Will Cool You Off and Make You Cry At the Same Time

Call it Mexico’s answer to Peru’s leche de tigre, or just the perfect breakfast when you are hungover on a summer day. It’s like a sashimi from hell, insanely addictive and refreshing at the same time.
Javier Cabral
Mexican Food

The Secret Quality That Makes Mexican Food So Damn Good

Sazón is the talent of mastering acidity, seasoning, tradition, and technique in a Mexican kitchen. It is not a skill that one learns by simply going to cooking school or working at a nice restaurant. You will know right away if the cook possesses it...
Javier Cabral
Mexican Food

Dumbed Down Mexican Food Is Insulting

On many levels, Mexican food is continuing to gather so much importance in the US right now. So please don't ruin its bold flavors, because everyone understands good food.
Gabriela Camara

How My Ceviche Obsession Transformed My Life

My quest to find the perfect bite of ceviche has changed the course of my life. It led me to quit my successful career as a lawyer and start a pop-up called Ceviche Project. I haven't looked back ever since.
Octavio Olivas Benitez
Mexican Food

This Unassuming Taco Joint Makes LA’s Best Tortillas

The handmade tortillas are buttery, chewy, crispy around the edges, and deeply redolent of toasted corn. It went through 25 different iterations before chefs Josh Gil and Daniel Snuka arrived at its current version.
Javier Cabral

These Shrimp-Topped Oysters Promise to Make You Amazing in Bed

“” is a boldly named oyster dish served at El Coraloense in the southeast LA neighborhood of Bell Gardens. Their customers swear that the combination of oysters on the half shell topped with cooked shrimp, avocado, and Mexican-style ponzu...
Javier Cabral
Mexican Food

El Chapo's Hometown Grows These Searing Chiles

The salsa made from these chiltepin chiles will simultaneously sear your mouth with its Szechuan peppercorn-like tingle and temporarily turn you into an uncontrollable eating machine—it is that addicting.
Javier Cabral

The Micheladas Are Insane at Jalisco's Month-Long Holiday Party

For all of the partying that goes on during Guadalupe Reyes, Jalisco will also have your back with its hangover-busting variations on the michelada that reflect the western state’s regional flavors, including one made with coconut water and another...
Javier Cabral