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Marshawn Lynch Has Reportedly Agreed to Terms With Raiders

Let's just hope Lynch signs a two-year contract, so he never plays for the Las Vegas Raiders.
Liam Daniel Pierce

If The Raiders Really Cared About Their Fans, They'd Leave Oakland Now

The publicly-owned Coliseum Authority could lose as much as $2 million a year if attendance falls.
Aaron Gordon
Oakland Raiders

Raiders Officially File Paperwork for Move to Las Vegas

Oakland's long-threatened move to Las Vegas is officially in motion.
Sean Newell
nfl relocation

Raiders Inch Closer to Las Vegas, Who Knows What's Going on With the Chargers

The NFL's Stadium Committee and Finance Committee both met today to (mostly) discuss the Raiders potential move to Las Vegas.
Sean Newell

If the Raiders Move to Vegas, the NFL Will Lose What's Left of Its Soul

NFL teams move semi-regularly, but the Oakland Raiders feel different. If the franchise bolts, it will be heretical. A betrayal. Hell, it even figures to be bad business.
Peter Richmond

Nevada Senate Approves $750 Million For Vegas Stadium Despite Needing Money For Hospitals, Schools

I've said it before and I'll say it again: democracy doesn't work.
Aaron Gordon

The NFL's Last, Best Chance to Solve the Oakland Raiders

Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott has assembled a coalition of investors to keep Raiders owner Mark Davis from bolting to Las Vegas, and seems to have Roger Goodell's support. But many hurdles reamin before any deal gets done.
Ty Schalter
new vegas fallout

How Moving the Raiders to Vegas Went from Completely Crazy to Crazy Like a Fox Overnight

For Nevada residents, throwing a billion dollars or more at Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis, the 22nd-richest man in the world, would represent a new pinnacle of sports-swindle insanity.
Neil deMause
nfl return to la

Rams Leave St. Louis, Raiders and Chargers in Limbo: Winners and Losers of the NFL's Return to LA

The St. Louis Rams are moving back to Los Angeles, and either the San Diego Chargers or the Oakland Raiders may eventually join them. We evaluate what happened—and what happens next.
Neil deMause
nfl to los angeles

Which NFL Teams Will Move To LA? A Bettor's Guide

The St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders all want to move to Los Angeles, and NFL owners will vote on the matter next week. We break down the likeliest outcomes.
Neil deMause

The Raiders Have Been Taping Cups to the Ceiling to Prevent Leaks at Coliseum

A less-than-ideal solution.
Sean Newell

Is the NFL Really About to Move Back to LA? Yes, No, and Maybe

The St. Louis Rams, the Oakland Raiders, and the San Diego Chargers are seeking NFL permission to move to Los Angeles. How serious are they, and how will they make money if the public won't finance a new stadium?
Neil deMause