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NCAA President on Returning to North Carolina After HB2: State Did "Absolute Minimum"

Mark Emmert "wound up convinced the governor got as good a deal as they were going to get passed in that legislature."


Nigel Hayes Is Playing in March Madness, and Taking On NCAA Amateurism in Federal Court

Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes has become an outspoken advocate for paying campus athletes, and has joined a lawsuit against the NCAA that seeks to end college sports amateurism. Why is he taking a stand?


EA Sports' Football Game Is Dead Because the NCAA Lives in a Fantasy World

Even the athletes receiving checks from a class action lawsuit settlement want college sports video games back. But thanks to amateurism, the NCAA won't allow it.


Four Years A Student-Athlete: The Racial Injustice of Big-Time College Sports

While the NCAA’s rules governing college athletes are colorblind, the impact of amateurism is anything but—disproportionately costing black football and men's basketball players and benefiting white stakeholders by as much as $2 billion a year.


Jim Harbaugh Is Annexing Spring Break, And The NCAA Is Pretending To Be Upset About It

College sports officials are expressing concern over Jim Harbaugh's plan to have Michigan's football team practice in Florida during Spring Break. What are they really upset about?


VICE Sports Q&A: "Billion-Dollar Ball" Author Gil Gaul

In the new book "Billion-Dollar Ball," Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gil Gaul takes a hard look at the massive amount of money flowing through big-time college football.


Why the NCAA May End Up Embracing College Athlete Unions

The NCAA celebrated last week's NLRB punt on Northwestern football players' unionization push, but if college athletes are ever recognized as employees, the association likely will reconsider.


Here's How The NCAA's Black Magic Accounting Turns Profit Into Loss

Most athletic departments say they're losing money despite billion-dollar TV contracts. Now we know how.


How the NCAA Scams Taxpayers for Welfare Money

From March Madness to bowl games, big-time college sports are awash in public subsidies and tax breaks. Why are taxpayers helping to foot the bill?


Dear White House: Don't Let the NCAA Scam You

Obama administration officials are reportedly meeting with the NCAA, which wants an antitrust exemption. Will the White House get suckered?


Does the NCAA Even Care About Concussions?

Despite being founded to protect athletes from injury, the NCAA's modern stance on concussions is often outright inhumane.