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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea According to Michelin-Starred Chefs

The milk-in-first-or-last debate has gone on for too long. We asked some of Britain’s best chefs, baristas, and hospitality dons exactly how to make a cup of tea.
Munchies Staff

Can Damien Hirst Recreate 90s Hedonism with a Pharmacy-Themed Restaurant?

The artist recently relaunched Pharmacy, an exhibition-cum-restaurant that served “Voltarol Retarding Agent” cocktails. It shuttered when the Cool Britannia hype died in the noughties, but chef Mark Hix is on board for a new reincarnation.
Josh Barrie

Damien Hirst's Art Restaurant Has Arrived

Hirst's medicine-themed restaurant is just what the doctor ordered.
Beckett Mufson

Stop Putting Leaves in Your Cocktails

A cocktail isn’t supposed to look like a rainforest so when I see a drink served up with a bunch of leaves and twigs in it, I get quite frustrated. Do people really want to get bits of their drink stuck all over their faces?
Mark Hix

I'm Bringing Faggots Back to London's Restaurant Scene

People aren’t interested in meat and two veg anymore, you’ve got to mix it up. I put faggots and veal with cream of St George’s mushrooms on the menu recently and I’m amazed at the uptake.
Ronnie Murray

These Photos of Chefs’ Burned Hands Are the Anti-Food Porn

One London-based photographer has taken portraits of the burned and scarred hands of fifty London chefs like James Lowe and Margot and Fergus Henderson. Feast your eyes on the war wounds behind that brunch you just Instagrammed.
Phoebe Hurst

MUNCHIES Presents: Challenge Hix

Mark Hix—an OG of the British gastronomy scene—offers MUNCHIES an invite to the legendary "Challenge Hix," which has never been witnessed before by anyone outside his inner circle of head chefs.
Mark Hix