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Panel: The CIA Didn't Spy on the US Senate — But the Senate Improperly Accessed Documents From the CIA

A CIA accountability board found no fault with the CIA in the ongoing fight over the torture report — but it did find that Senate staffers stole documents from the CIA.
Jason Leopold
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The Weird Saga of the Other 'Smoking Gun' Torture Report the CIA Still Has Under Wraps

The CIA commissioned its own internal report on the agency's 'enhanced interrogation' program, but almost nothing has been known about it — till now.
Jason Leopold

Video: Colorado Senate Candidate Says America Must Stand Up to 'Radical Environmentalists'

Republican Cory Gardner, speaking at 2013 conservative conference, said environmentalists are killing jobs but the 'shale revolution' will ultimately be won.
Robert S. Eshelman

Voters In Colorado and Kansas Are Tuning Out This Year's Election

Tight races in battleground states tend to mobilize voters, but conversations in Colorado and Kansas reflect a palpable sense of disillusionment this electoral cycle.
Ari Ratner

Politicians in America's Heartland Are Spreading Fear to Get Votes

You know an election is coming up when candidates from both parties are sowing fear and disinformation about the threat the Islamic State poses to the US.
Michael Tracey

Colorado's Key Senate Race Is a Battle for America’s Environment

VICE News is in Colorado, a political and environmental microcosm of the US, and where the vital midterm vote might decide who wins the Senate.
Ari Ratner