Mark Zuckerberg

2 days ago

Facebook Had to Nuke a Bunch of Russian Bots Right as It Bragged It's Ready for 2020

State media outlets are going to get special labeling in the News Feed.

4 days ago

Mark Zuckerberg Wants Fox News to Know He Cares ‘Deeply’ About Conservative Bias

The Facebook CEO is on a charm offensive with conservative media.


Mark Zuckerberg's Promise to Respect Free Expression Is So Far Just Empty Words

Zuckerberg’s speech feels like empty words in the absence of any concrete changes to the company’s questionable policies on speech.


Facebook Went to War Against White Supremacist Terror After Christchurch. Will It Work?

Facebook’s 350-person counterterrorism team is retraining its tools for far-right meme culture.


Mark Zuckerberg Thinks an Elizabeth Warren Presidency Could 'Suck for Us'

To which she retorts: "What would really ‘suck’ is if we don’t fix a corrupt system that lets giant companies like Facebook engage in illegal anticompetitive practices"


Mark Zuckerberg Just Turned Himself into a Congressional Piñata

The Facebook CEO went to Washington for the first time this year and let lawmakers take swings at him.


Facebook Said It Wasn't Listening to Your Conversations. It Was.

Facebook's excuse? All the other tech companies were doing it, too.


Facebook Just Paid a $5 Billion Fine for Privacy Breaches. Now it Wants Access to Your Brain.

Facebook is building a headset that can monitor, read and translate your brainwaves and allow users to type just by thinking.


Netflix's 'The Great Hack' Misses The Big Picture

The real ‘hack’ isn’t Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, or the 2016 election. It’s the system that made our data tragedies inevitable.


Facebook Misled Journalists About How Bad the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Was

Misleading the press was part of Facebook's coverup of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to the SEC.


The Zuckerberg Deepfake Heard Around the World

The deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg was perhaps the biggest troll of Facebook in recent memory, but will it change anything?


Mark Zuckerberg Will Be Served a Summons If He Sets Foot In Canada

The Facebook founder and CEO Sheryl Sandberg snubbed international lawmakers, again, at a committee hearing in Canada on Tuesday.