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Marshawn Lynch Gives, uh, Impassioned Speech to Keep A's in Oakland

The Raiders running back showed up to Oakland City Hall in shorts and flip flops to speak (briefly) on behalf of the A's.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Fresh-Faced Marshawn Lynch is a Joy to Behold

We are so here for young Marshawn, but do not forget that he is still a bad dude.
Sean Newell
marshawn lynch

Marshawn Lynch Accepts Mexican National Team Jersey That Tom Brady Refused

A reporter tried to compensate for Brady's stolen jersey by gifting an El Tri jersey, and boy it couldn't have found a better home.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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And Now, Snoop Dogg Cursing Out Donald Trump While Watching SportsCenter

ESPN featured the president's tweets about Marshawn Lynch sitting for the national anthem and Snoop had some choice words for him.
Sean Newell
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"Shit Just Got Real": Marshawn Lynch Announces Impending NFL Return As Only He Can

Marshawn Lynch announced on Twitter that he is returning to the NFL, to play for his hometown Raiders, and it is glorious.
Mike Piellucci

Marshawn Lynch Has Reportedly Agreed to Terms With Raiders

Let's just hope Lynch signs a two-year contract, so he never plays for the Las Vegas Raiders.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Beast Mode, Jets Misery, and the Sad Browns: The NFL Underground Mailbag

Chris Harris is keeping the football conversation going during the off-season. This week, he tackles just how bad things look for the New York Jets, Marshawn Lynch's interest in the Raiders, and more.
Christopher Harris
marshawn lynch

It Seems Like the Marshawn Lynch Comeback Might Actually Happen

Maybe. Probably. We think.
Mike Piellucci
beast mode

​Stop Teasing Us With Marshawn Lynch Comebacks

Rumors are swirling that the Raiders are trying to coax Marshawn Lynch out of retirement. We've heard this song before.
Mike Tunison

"Earthquakes" Caused by Fans at Sports Stadiums Are Kinda Bullshit

We talked to a senior research scientist at the institution that registered the Barcelona supporters' "fanquake" after their comeback win over Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.
Aaron Gordon
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Finally, the 'Planet Earth' Iguana Run as Narrated by Marshawn Lynch

Someone dubbed Marshawn Lynch describing his Beast Quake run against the saints to the Planet Earth Iguana escaping a bunch of snakes. It's perfect.
Joseph Flynn
marshawn lynch

The Marshawn Lynch Ghost Ride the Golf Cart Bobblehead is Here

Cal will give it away next weekend against Washington to commemorate the ten year anniversary.
Sean Newell