Martellus Bennett


Michael Bennett Indicted for Injuring Elderly Security Guard at Super Bowl LI

The Philadelphia Eagles' new defensive end was charged with injury of the elderly for allegedly injuring a paraplegic 66-year-old woman.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Martellus Bennett Calls the NFL Celebration Training Video What it Is: A Joke

The NFL announced that it would be creating a training video so players know the proper way to celebrate. You read that right.
Mike Vorkunov
Super Bowl LI

Martellus Bennett Confirms He Will Not Visit Donald Trump's White House

Before the Super Bowl, Martellus Bennett said he wouldn't visit the White House if the Patriots won, and he doubled down on his Trump boycott after New England's historic comeback.
Dave Brown

Martellus Bennett Might Just Be the Aaron Hernandez Replacement the Patriots Need

On paper, the New England Patriots' trade for Martellus Bennett looks like another genius move by Bill Belichick.
Rivers McCown

Quiet Upgrades Could Make the Bears Sneaky Contenders in 2016

The Chicago Bears were a defense away from being competitive last season. By adding players like Danny Trevathan and Jerrell Freeman they've reloaded for 2016.
Rivers McCown
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Chicago Bears Teammates Beef On Twitter Over Unfollowing

Kyle Long and Martellus Bennett are beefing on Twitter because the Bears are a mess and Twitter is weird.
Sean Newell
Martellus Bennett

NFL Training Camp Body Slams Are What Team-Building Is All About

Martellus Bennett got fined for fighting a teammate, but it'll all be forgotten once the games start.
David Matthews