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Duterte upset after U.S. calls him a "threat" to democracy

The document makes it “very difficult to be friendly” with Washington.


What Would Happen in the Minutes and Hours After a Coup in America?

The government won't be taken over by the military, but here's what it would look like if it did.


What We Know So Far About the Alleged Shooter Near a Mississippi Military Base

Gunshots have heard for two days near one of the Jade Helm 15 locations.


Jade Helm 15 Has Begun: Here's Everything We Know So Far

The secret training exercise started Wednesday. All we know is that it's big and that it scares conservatives.


Thailand’s Prime Minister Wants to Shut Down Media Outlets That Don’t Praise the Government

Human rights groups are concerned that Thailand's freedom of the press is being irreconcilably curtailed under the military junta led by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.


Thailand Indicts Yingluck Shinawatra Over Controversial Rice Subsidy Scheme

The Thai military junta has filed criminal charges against the former prime minister over her divisive rice-buying policy that cost the country millions.


Thailand Declares Indefinite Martial Law Amid 'Hunger Games' Salute Controversy

The news contradicts a promise from the military that it would lift the law in certain provinces to revive tourism, which has suffered in some parts of the country since the coup.


Thai Junta Drags Away Students Over 'Hunger Games' Salute

The three-fingered salute, a symbol of resistance against the military, sparks numerous arrests and detainments of students over two days.


Thailand’s Military Rulers Are Reportedly Violating Human Rights

Hundreds have been detained and forced to undergo “attitude adjustment” since the coup in May, according to a report by Amnesty International.


The 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Demonstrations Was Business as Usual

Given the amount of preemptive arrests of lawyers and activists and added security over the last few weeks leading up to the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, I knew the chances of anything happening were slim. Either way, I...