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Netflix Should Have Used FaceApp to De-Age Robert De Niro in 'The Irishman'

The streamer spent millions shaving the years off Robert De Niro for Scorsese's new movie. But FaceApp is free!
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Watch the Trailer for HBO's Steven Spielberg Documentary

"Every time I start a new scene I'm nervous. When that verges on panic, I get great ideas."
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The First Trailer for the Four-Hour, Scorsese-Produced Grateful Dead Doc Is Here

'Long Strange Trip' promises to be the "definitive" documentary of rock's greatest cult band. It's been long enough.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Democrats stage a 16-hour sit-in for a vote on gun control legislation, Britain decides on whether to stay in the EU, Kim Jung Un claims North Korea's missiles can reach the US, and more.
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On ‘Taxi Driver,’ Through the Eyes of Travis Bickle

Supercut master Jacob T. Swinney put together a video essay on subjectivity in Martin Scorsese’s classic 1976 film.
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How Martin Scorsese Used Rock and Punk Music Throughout His Career

'Mean Streets,' 'Raging Bull,' 'Goodfellas,' 'Casino,' and more demonstrate how Scorsese creates mood with specific music.
Alex Godfrey

Martin Scorsese's Obssession with the Cross Laid Bare in One Video

Milad Tangshir shows us Scorsese's passion for Christ in a new supercut.
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See Portraits of Directors Made from Their Famous Movies

Julian Rentzsch doesn't make movie posters, he makes director posters.
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Electric Boogaloo: Destroying Film Academia

Funny, informative, and balls-out crazy, Mark Hartley’s new documentary on Cannon Films—the guys behind the 'Breakin' movies and Chuck Norris, is exactly what film history should be like.
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Film's Not Dead (Yet): New Efforts Beckon A Return To Analog Photography

We take a look inside the fight to keep celluloid alive.
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VICE and the Criterion Collection Present: Martin Scorsese on the Films of Roberto Rossellini

Since every major player who worked on Rossellini's films is dead, Martin Scorsese (who was heavily influenced by them) gives us the 411 on the filmmaker's seminal work.
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I Can't Stop Watching 'Casino' and Thinking About Its Clothes

Sharon Stone slinks on screen with her athletic sensuousness. She’s greedy, insecure, and aware of the power behind her sexuality, which knocks men senseless. When Ace (Robert De Niro) makes her his wife, he offers her everything he can imagine will...
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