The 20 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Need To Be Your Own Bartender

Drinking at home doesn't just have to mean cracking open a cold one.


Cannabis-Laced Classic Stirred Martini Recipe

We like our martini stirred, not shaken—oh, and laced with a bunch of bud.


This Catholic Priest Makes a Better Martini Than You

Father William Dailey is a noted priest and lawyer who is currently the Thomas More Fellow at Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics & Culture. During his off-hours, however, he’s a major cocktail geek.


Hong Kong's Most Famous Cocktail Is a Tower of Foam and Faux Caviar

The Earl Grey Caviar Martini's sky-high coiffe of white foam sits on top of a bed of bright orange boba-like beads, casting a shadow over Hong Kong’s cocktail scene.


This Is What the World’s Cleanest Martini Tastes Like

London bartender Joe Petch’s martini uses vodka from the volcanic springs of Iceland, specially imported ice, and just a few sprays of Lillet Blanc vermouth. “Clean water is essential for clean-tasting spirit,” he says.


This Bar Treats Martinis Like Religion

Each time a martini is ordered at London’s Dry Martini, bar staff issue a certificate commemorating the event—as if the drinker has just taken their first communion. “I’m the bartender-priest and the cocktail is my offering,” explains Craig Petrie.


Time for a Martini with Enough Crudités to Feed an Army

It's the end of the day and the end of the week, so stir up Mission Chinese Food's ice-cold martini and eat it with a massive platter of crunchy snacks.


Dirty Work: Martinis and Crudités with Sam Anderson of Mission Chinese Food

How do you keep something like a martini current and classic at the same time? For answers, we turned to Mission Chinese Food's beverage director Sam Anderson.


I Want to Share a Vienna Sausage Martini with You

For this edition of Seriously, Though, Who Is This? I made a Vienna Sausage Martini inspired by Montreal's Joe Beef, posted up a Michelangelo apron behind it to class things up, and sent it to a few unsuspecting bartenders.


LA's Longest-Standing Bartender Has 86'd More Celebrities Than You

We spoke to Ruben Rueda of Musso & Frank's about his views on dry martinis, 86ing movie stars, and DD’ing for Charles Bukowski.


The Ritz’s Bartender Thinks Your Cosmopolitan Is Basic

Rivoli Bar Lounge Manager, Marco Ercolano shares a few pearls of wisdom (and not the plastic kind) from years behind London’s most expensive hotel bars.


You Should Be Drinking Your Weed

The world of marijuana-infused edibles is quickly exploding—but why stop at pot brownies? We've got six recipes for weed-charged cocktails right here for your drinking pleasure.