Death of a Stone-Thrower: Intifada 3.0 (Dispatch 4)

Tension builds in Israel and the West Bank with three new stabbing attacks on Israelis reported on Saturday, and the funeral for a young Palestinian stone-thrower killed by Israeli forces in Nablus.


Day of Rage: Intifada 3.0 (Dispatch 3)

Hamas calls for a "day of rage,” beginning before sunrise as Palestinian protesters set ablaze the Jewish holy site, the Tomb of Joseph, in Nablus.


Locking Down Jerusalem: Intifada 3.0 (Dispatch 2)

After a series of stabbings on Israeli Jews, authorities have imposed a series of new checkpoints in Jerusalem, making life very difficult for innocent Palestinians.


Clashes in the West Bank: Intifada 3.0 (Dispatch 1)

VICE News correspondent Aris Roussinos traveled to the West Bank to see if the apparently leaderless youth-led revolt has spiraled into the Third Intifada.


The Martyrdom of Saint Amy Winehouse

Like Medieval martyrs before her, Amy fell to a fate that was only inevitable because we willed it so.


'Radicalized' Canadian Terrorist Martin Rouleau Is Being Praised as a Martyr by the Islamic State

Even as the Canadian authorities try to figure out his motives, the alleged murderer is being praised on social media by extremists.


Eating Is Bad for Your Soul

Jainism is a religion with some of the most extreme dietary restrictions in the world: no animals, dairy, root vegetables, honey, or booze. But the ritual of santhara—a vow of voluntary death by fasting—is one of the most controversial components of...