Mary Poppins


'Mary Poppins Returns' Is the Ultimate Nostalgia Film for Burnt-Out Millennials

Just a spoonful of reminiscent cinema helps this hellish year go down.


There Are Four Types of Drunks in This World and You're One of Them

Are you a Mary Poppins, or a Mr. Hyde? Depends on if you're more like to make out or black out after a few margaritas.


Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Starring in the New Mary Poppins Sequel

The sequel, appropriately titled 'Mary Poppins Returns,' will apparently be set in 1930s London and star Miranda as Jack, a street lamplighter and buddy to Emily Blunt's Poppins.


Danielle Leder Is as Filthy as Any Male Pornographer

As editor-in-chief of the erotic magazine, Jacques, Danielle has put a modern spin on the classic 70s porn aesthetic. The girls of Jacques are shot totally on film, untouched by Photoshop, and sport more than just a little bush.