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These Easy Cheese-Stuffed Tamales Are Hangover Killers

Hop aboard the hot tamale train with this recipe for the traditional Mexican dish from Guerilla Taco's chef Wesley Avila.
Munchies Staff
Mexican Food

This Is Why LA's Mexican Food Is Still Not the Best In the US

Despite all the accolades that LA gets for its amazing Mexican food, it still has one dirty, little secret: its dependence on prepackaged tortillas with crappy ingredients.
Javier Cabral
Mexican Food

This Kosher Restaurant Is Changing How LA Values Its Mexican Food

Despite the fact that Mexikosher's menu is 100 percent kosher, chef Katsuji Tanabe is changing how people view Mexican food, one beef carnitas taco at a time.
Javier Cabral

The Disappearing Neighborhood Corn Mills of Mexico

El Moncayo corn mill is one of the few that are still around in Mexico, having been in the same location in a neighborhood just south of Mexico City for over 70 years.
Eunice Lozada
New York

The Sushi Chef: Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau

Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau are the masterminds behind NYC’s Shuko, a restaurant that plays with the traditional understanding and boundaries of what constitutes Japanese dining.
Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau

The Sushi Chef: John Daley

After working at Masa and 15 East and training in Japan, John Daley has crafted a dining experience at New York Sushi Ko that is both intimate and unique.
John Daley

Oh Hi, Here's a Sweet PicoTropico Remix of "Out There" by Masa ft. Miho of Cibo Matto

Listen up!
Kim Taylor Bennett

Venezuela Wants to Put Fingerprint Scanners in Grocery Stores

Due to a massive food shortage in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro has come up with a level-headed solution to ensure that everyone has access to basic goods: electronically fingerprint every shopper in the country.
Amanda Arnold

Cook It Raw: The Art of Mayan Cuisine in the Yucatán

Cook It Raw, an annual gathering of chefs, heads to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula to learn about the art of ancient Mayan cooking.
Munchies Staff

Juicy, Wet Nachos Are the Only Kind I’ll Put in My Mouth

On a recent afternoon, I drank pissy beer and listened to a plate of nachos. I brought one chip to my lip, rimming her edges with my tongue. Using my teeth as a lever, I pulled down. I could feel her body stiffen, then bend and grow taut. And then I...
Joshua David Stein
sugar babies

A New York Sugar Baby's Lessons in Eating Out

Madeline dates sugar daddies to supplement her income, so she gets wined and dined at some of the best restaurants in the world. She talked to me about some of the most memorable (and erotic) experiences she's had with haute cuisine.
Karley Sciortino