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'It's Always Sunny' Recreated an Entire 'Seinfeld' Scene and It Is Perfect

Frank is George, Dee is Elaine, Mac and Dennis are both Jerry, and Charlie, of course, is Kramer.


Solange Had Her Twitter Followers Make Her a Kanye/'The Wiz' Mash Up, Because She Felt Like It

The fans willing to do your bidding are just a perk of the job of Being Solange.


Watch an Orchestra Perform a Mash Up of Kanye and Beethoven, Named 'Yeethoven'

"Blood On The Leaves" mixed with Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony" will cleanse your spirit.


Here's an Eminem Vs. Street Fighter Mash-Up Album That'll Make You Want to Punch Stuff

Maybe 8 Mile would have been a way better movie if B-Rabbit had been going head to head with Blanka at the Forgotten Waterfall, rather than doing rap battles in Detroit.


Some French Kid Has Made a Kanye West and Queens of the Stone Age Mash Up Album

It's called 'Kanye of the Stone Age,' and, yeah, it kinda bangs actually.


Celebrate 'Ghostbusters' 30th Anniversary with a New Remix from Eclectic Method

For the 'Ghostbusters' 30th anniversary, get Hallow-weird with Eclectic Method's new remix.


We Spoke To The Illustrator Behind These Incredible Sci-Fi Architecture Mashups

Emin Mete Erdoğan mashes up humanities biggest machines to build an intensely detailed vision of humanity's sci-fi future.


This Is What It Would Look Like If David Lynch Directed Star Wars

Proof that Lynch should helm the Star Wars reboot.


Sigur Rós-Blade Runner Mash-Up Proves The Band Should Score Every Movie Ever

The Nordic trio needs to take a tip from Johnny Greenwood and start scoring movies, ASAP.


What If Pixar Directed This Year's Oscar Nominees?

Photoshopping your favorite Pixar characters into your favorite Oscar Nominees.


Steven Soderbergh Mashed Up Two Versions Of "Psycho" Into One Creepy Clip

The 'retired' director released a supercut of the original film and the remake.


Watch Every Twilight Zone Ever At The Same Time For Maximum Insanity

You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of total mindmeld.