I Let My Instagram Followers Dictate My Life and Ended Up in Another Country

Via a Scientology center and a private event at a Russian art show.
Oobah Butler

How to Make Sex and Relationships Work When Only One of You Is Kinky

"The dude who once said he had no interest in roleplay or BDSM whatsoever actually surprised me by building a dungeon in our basement while I was out of town."
Sophie Saint Thomas

Let’s Not Let the Jian Ghomeshi Scandal Give BDSM a Bad Name

BDSM lovers are particularly pissed off about Ghomeshi's Facebook post, because if the allegations against him are true, he was engaged in assault, not BDSM.
Sarah Ratchford

Ron Athey Literally Bleeds for His Art

We spoke to the controversial performance artist about self-mutilation, audience members who faint on him, and surviving the AIDS epidemic as an HIV-positive man.
Amelia Abraham

English Idiots Hold Annual Stinging-Nettle Eating Contest

A stinging nettle is basically just a green pole with thousands of tiny knives attached to it. For reasons that aren't totally clear, a town in England has a contest once a year to see who can stuff the most of these torturous stalks down his or her...
Mark Hay

Watch This Eerily Erotic and Pretty Fucked-up 'American Ecstasy' Trailer

There isn't too much information available about 'American Ecstasy,' besides the fucked-up and strangely sexy trailer. To glean a little—and I mean just a little—insight on what the new film is about, I hit director Jonathan Leder up for a chat on the...
Wilbert L. Cooper
The Stardust & Moonbeams Issue

I Was Looking For A Street

Charles Willeford transcended the crime genre to which he was relegated by most publishers and critics. But if Willeford only wrote pulp, then so did Dostoyevsky and Hemingway.
Charles Willeford, Illustrations: Sammy Harkham